Explain the different Candies and Items to me


  • Match Candies next to Truffles to collect them!
  • These may require multiple matches to collect.


  • Candies that are matched on top of Jelly will collect it!
  • You can only collect Jelly from covered squares that have a Candy or Item on top of them.

Potions & Potion Squares

  • Drop a Potion to a Potion Square to collect it!

Chocolate Bars & Gum

  • Chocolate Bars are hidden behind a layer of gum!
  • Make matches over the gum to reveal the Chocolate Bars.
  • Gum can come in multiple layers.


  • Match Candies next to Chocoblocks to collect them!
  • These treats can’t be moved, and may come multiple layers.

Toffee Cages

  • Make a match with the Candy inside the Toffee Cage to shatter it!
  • Candies in Toffee Cages cannot be moved until they are freed.
  • Toffee Cages can come in multiple layers.


  • Matching Raspberries will leave behind delicious Jelly!

Candy Floss

  • Match Candies next to Candy Floss to collect it!
  • If you do not make a match next to Candy Floss, it will spread over more Candy.

Soda Cans

  • Make matches next to Soda Cans to collect the Soda!

Gum Cages

  • Make matches next to Gum Cages to free the Candy inside!
  • Candies inside Gum Cages can’t be matched.
  • Gum Cages can come in multiple layers.

Cursed Tiles

  • Make matches on top of the Curse to remove it!
  • Cursed Tiles can come in multiple layers.

Jelly Jars

  • Make three matches next to a Jelly Jar to place Jelly on the board!


  • Matching Bon-Bons will coat nearby Candies in sugar!

Ice Cream

  • Make three matches next to an Ice Cream Tub to place Ice Cream on the board!
  • Match Ice Cream to collect it!

Color Changer Tiles

  • After every move, Candies that land on the Color Changer will change color to match the tile.

Candy Jars

  • Make three matches next to a Candy Jar to place more Candies on the board!

Sugar Tiles

  • After every move, Candies that land on the Sugar Tile will become coated in sugar!

Cookie Boxes

  • Match next to the Cookie Box to reveal what’s inside!
  • You must reveal all the Cookies to collect them!
  • Sometimes, there may be different colors of Cookies to collect!

Growing Gum Cage

  • Make matches next to the Growing Gum Cage to free the Candy inside!
  • Candies inside Growing Gum Cages can’t be matched.
  • After three moves, the Growing Gum Cage will return!

Chocolate Eggs

  • Make three matches next to a Chocolate Egg to create Special Candies!

Truffle Changers

  • After each move, any normal candy sitting on a Truffle changer will change into a Truffle!


  • Cakes take up 4 sqaures on the board
  • Match against them to collect them
  • Cakes are so heavy they don’t move until you collect them


  • Waffles act as tiles and can have candy sitting on them
  • After each move the soda waves move the waffles one place!

Trixie Potions

  • Trixie potions are nasty! They just exist to get in your way!
  • Make matches under them to drop them to Trixie Potion Collectors and remove them from the board

Special Candy Changers

  • Any normal candies left on Special Candy Changers at the end of a turn will be upgraded to a special Candy
  • Which type of special candy is sometimes random, and sometimes not so random

Sugar Jar

  • Match 3 times next to a Sugar Jar to fill it up and send sugar shooting out over the board on to 3 random candies


  • Matchmallows can be removed by matching next to them
  • They also block line bombs and other special matches
  • Normal Matchmallows can move around the board and fall when a match is made under them
  • Dipped Matchmallows are fixed in place


  • Doublers double any candy matched on top of it! Great for speedy collection on those collection levels!

Candy Switcher

  • When they begin to spin, the following move will trigger the Candy on the Candy Switcher to be teleported to another Candy Switcher of the same colour.

Popcorn Buckets

  • Match against Popcorn Buckets to empty them, let them fill up and popcorn will fly all over the board.


  • Popcorn blocks up the board, match next to them to remove them

Popcorn Bags

  • Match next to popcorn bags to remove them, if you don’t, they’ll pop and spread popcorn all over the board

Toffee Block

  • Toffee Blocks are permanently stuck to the board.
  • There’s no way of removing Toffee Blocks!
  • These blocks get in the way, and like Matchmallows they block line bombs and other special matches.
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