What are Boosts and how can they help me?


Wands can be used during a level to change or remove items on the board!

Smash Wand

  • Damages or remove a single item from the board!

Cross Wand

  • Damages or removes an entire row and column from the board!

Swap Wand

  • Swaps two moveable items that otherwise wouldn’t move!

Color Wand

  • Removes all Candies of the targeted color from the board!

Pre-Game Boosts

Pre-Game Boosts can be used before going into a level to gain an early advantage!

Thinking Time

  • Adds five moves to the level before it begins!

Beaming Start

  • Adds three Striped Candies to the level before it begins!

Combo Blast

  • Adds a Bomb Candy and Striped Candy combo-match to the level before it begins!
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