What is Gold and how do I use it?

Gold can be used in Bubble Genius to purchase Lives, Boosts or get more Bubbles to complete tricky levels. All levels in the game can be beaten without needing to make a purchase.

Getting Gold

Gold can be obtained from the following means.

  • All players are given a supply of gold at various stages throughout the tutorial levels
  • Gold can be purchased directly from the shop! Keep an eye out for Sales and Special Offers.
  • Gold is rewarded for Signing in to Facebook for the first time.
  • Reward Chests on the map can sometimes contain Gold.
  • Daily Rewards will sometimes include Gold.
  • Some Gadget Blueprints allow you to create more Gold.

Spending Gold

Gold can be spent on the following items.

  • Life Refills
    • Automatically regain all five lives to continue playing!
  • Boosts and Pre-Game Boosts
    • These can be used to augment the launcher or clear a path through a pack of bubbles.
    • More information on Boosts can be found on our Boosts page!
  • Extra Bubbles
    • Upon losing a level, more Bubbles can be purchased to continue playing!
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