What are Heroes and how do I use them?

Heroes are powerful solo warriors to help you in levels. They are essentially moving towers capable of stalling creeps while outputting an impressive amount of damage.


Moving Heroes

Heroes can be moved by first tapping to select them and then tapping anywhere else on the map to move them to their new location.

Different Heroes will be better in different locations. Heroes such as Stonelord are well suited to being in the thick of a group of Infantry where he can heal his allies. Other Heroes such as Eris are best positioned behind Infantry lines and away from the thick of battle, as though she may be incredibly powerful, she’s easily overwhelmed.


Hero Powers

Every Hero has a Hero Power. These can be activated by tapping their button at the bottom left of the screen and will only activate if they have a valid target in range of the Hero. Some Hero Powers are capable of immense damage and some are focused on utility or healing. Try different Heroes to see what their Hero Powers are capable of.

Hero Powers will recharge on their own over time. This cooldown can be reduced by upgrading the Hero’s equipment.


Hero Abilities

Heroes have other Abilities in addition to their Hero Power that will unlock as they are leveled up. These can be passive effects that are ongoing at all times, or quickfire actions that deal or heal damage.  Once unlocked, Heroes will use these Abilities automatically whenever they are able to do so.

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