Explain The Different Board Items To Me

Dark Square

  • Gems that are matched on top of Dark Squares will remove them from the board!
  • Dark Squares may come with multiple layers.

Black Gems

  • Match Gems next to Black Gems to collect or clear them!


  • Drop a Symbol to the bottom of the board to collect it!

Pyramid Blockers

  • Match Gems next to Pyramid Blockers to remove them!
  • These blockers can’t be moved, and may come with up to 5 layers.

Lock Boxes


  • Match next to the Lock Box to reveal what’s inside!
  • You must reveal all the matching Seals to collect them!

Lock and Key


  • Drop or swap the Key next to the Lock to clear both! 
  • Keys can be swapped onto tiles next to Locks without matching gems.

Glass Cages

  • Make a match with the Gem inside the Glass Cage to shatter it!
  • Gems in Glass Cages cannot be moved until they are freed.
  • Glass Cages can require up to 2 matches to shatter.


  • Match Gems next to Fog to clear it!
  • If you do not make a match next to Fog, it will spread over more gems!


  • After each turn, all Deadlocks will count down by 1. If a Deadlock reaches 0, it's game over!
  • Match Deadlocks with Gems of the same color to remove it!

Teleport Tubes

  • Gems can fall into one Tube and out of another, elsewhere on the board.
  • There can be multiple Tubes but each one has a single entrance and exit.

Prism Block

  • Make matches next to Prism blockers to clear them.
  • Prisms absorb and block beams from special gems!
  • These blockers can’t be moved.

Trap Door

  • Trap Door tiles move gems in and out of reach every turn.
  • Matches can't be made with gems that are out of reach on Trap Doors.
  • Special gems pass over Gems that are out of reach on Trap Doors.


  • Vines growing through the board must be removed with Beam Gems and Pulse Gem explosions.
  • Normal matches next to Vines will not remove them!

Marked Gems

  • Match Marked Gems with a gem of the same color to collect it!

Gold Ore


  • Matching 3 or more Gold Ore will leave behind precious Gold Tiles!
  • Make matches over Gold Tiles to collect them!

Tile Walls

  • Tile Walls prevent gem swapping and cascades between tiles.
  • You can still make gem matches across Tile Walls.

Black Knight

  • After every move, the Black Knight jumps in an L-shape on the board and destroys whatever gem it stomps on!
  • Knights can be removed with Beams and Pulse Gems
  • More Knights can drop onto some boards - watch out!

The Eye


  • Matched gems next to the Eye, charges it up. The more gems matched beside the Eye, the more charge it will gain.
  • When the Eye is fully charged with 15 gems it will explode and help you clear the board!

Movable Prism

  • Make matches next to Movable Prisms to clear them.
  • Prism Gems can block beams from special gems!

Fog Bomb

  • When a Fog Bomb drops down a tile it will crack!
  • If the Fog Bomb drops 3 times it will explode and release Fog.
  • Match Gems with the Fog Bomb to remove it!

Gem Marker


  • Make 3 matches next to a Gem Marker to open it and change Gems on the board into Marked Gems!
  • You can reuse the same Gem Marker again and again.


  • Match Gems with the Scarab to collect them
  • After every move, the Scarabs will climb one up one tile.
  • If Scarabs reach the top of the board, they will escape and can't be collected!


  • Make Gem matches next to the Cannonball to launch it across the board! It will blast towards the side that the match was made on!
  • Cannonballs cannot move over gaps or walls.
  • Cannonballs will destroy Gems and Obstacles in their way - use them carefully!


  • The Vents can release Fog onto the board.
  • Vents will glow when they are about to spread Fog.

Gem Transmuter

  • Make 3 matches next to a Gem Transmuter to convert other Gems to it's color!
  • The Gem Transmuter can be used again and again.


Piston Plate


  • Piston Plates are obstacles like Pyramid Blockers. Matching next to them makes them retract into the board.
  • After 3 turns they will spring back, destroying anything that rests on them.

Shield Prism

  • The Shield Prism cannot be removed with Matches, Beams or Pulse explosions.
  • It can be destroyed by the powerful Eye and Cannonball!






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