What are Boosts and how can they help me ?

In Game Boosts

Boosts can be used during a level to help gain an advantage.


The Fireball Booster destroys all bubbles in its path but can't be bounced off walls!


Adds two more slots to the launcher. Allows you to have more bubbles to choose from.

Long Line

Extends the aiming line which allows you to make trickier shots easily.


Pre-Game Boosts

Pre-Game boosts can be activated before going into a level to gain an early advantage

Rock the Pack

Every few shots, Gizmo will rock the pack, dislodging several bubbles from it

Pot Luck

Every few shots, Gizmo will add a special bubble to the pack

Purrfect Strike

Every few shots Gizmo will pop up to three bubbles in the pack

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